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What is Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing artwork that resemble makeup, such as eyeliner and other enhancing colors to the skin of the face, brows, lips, and eyelids. The goal of PMU (or SPMU - semi permanent makeup) is to obtain a look that enhances one's natural beauty without changing the unique qualities that which define one's originality.

Procedures offered

Beauty in HD offers the following Permanent Cosmetic procedures: 

  • Brows: Microblading, Nano Strokes, Powder Brows, Combo Brows

  • Eye Liner:  We are not currently taking new clientele for eyeliner. 

Microblading / Nano Strokes: This artwork involves hair like strokes to create the illusion of thicker brow hair while allowing for an airy, natural look.  This procedure is best on youthful normal to dry skin types with moderate to heavy brow hair.


Powder Brows:  This artwork involves a rotary tattoo machine to create the illusion of a shadow under the brow hair that looks like powdered brow makeup when healed.  This procedure is best on all skin types, specified for oily or older skin types


Comb / Blade + Shade:  This artwork involves both Microblading or Nano Strokes and Powder Brow techniques to create the illusion of hair strokes along with a powdered look to create a natural transition with a gradual thickening or defining center.  This allows for a textured 3D effect. This procedure is best for those looking for a thicker brow, those with a deficit of hair with in the brow, or balding patterns. 

Eye Liner :  *** We are not currently taking new clientele for eyeliner. Please check back soon!





Microblading                  $500

Powder Brows                $500

Combo/ Blade+Shade   $550

Deposit                            $50

(saves date and goes toward your quoted total)

Consultations are FREE! Consultations are required for all 

NEW permanent makeup cliental to insure that you are

a candidate for permanent makeup.

*Pricing is subject to change without notice*






- Refrain from taking NSAIDs (advil, asprin etc) or fish oil 48-72 hours prior to your procedure.

- Refrain from alcohol 48-72  hours prior to your procedure.

- Refrain from caffeine the day of appointment.

- Bring a pair of headphones as the noise can be irritating to some.

- Should you have Botox or Filler, please note that you will be advised to wait 2 weeks before or after your           last appointment to insure that the fillers  or  botox do not migrate during your procedure.

- Per the state of Texas, Permanent Makeup Procedures of any kind are prohibited during pregnancy and           while nursing.

- For eyeliner - please refrain from making your appointment right after lash extensions have been placed         and wait 2 weeks before receiving a lash refill. You will need to wear glasses (if needed) for 1 week after  your  procedure.  Due to numbing lash extensions will be lost during the process.

- Causes for premature fading: certain medication, iron deficiency, sweating, oily skin, trauma after                     application - see expectations.

- Plan for  a minimum of  2 hours per procedure.

Beauty in HD     

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