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Prices and policies are subject to change without notice to insure you have the updated information needed prior to your appointment.  Permanent Makeup is not for everyone, please be sure to read below to insure you are a candidate for PMU prior to your appointment.  It is the responsibility of the client to read and understand all information provided.  Pricing is updated per product costs as needed.  

Booking and Deposits

Bookings are first come first serve and are not confirmed until deposits are received.  If deposits are not received with in 24 hours of appointment request, the appointment date will be dropped and opened up to others.  Deposits and consultations are REQUIRED for all new clients.  If you are a current client, wanting a different procedure, a deposit will not be required unless the client cancels their appointment.  Once existing clients  have cancelled or rescheduled their appointment, they are then asked to pay deposits to save their future appointments.  Deposits will be used towards the quoted procedure cost at the time of the appointment.  Deposits can not be transferred or refunded for any reason.  


Client / Technician relationship is very important to me.  This requires a level of trust on both parties.  If at anytime the client chooses another technician outside of Beauty in HD, future touch ups will be voided and you will be considered a new client and subject to new client pricing.  

Consultations are REQUIRED for retouches of  artwork not produced by Beauty in HD. Beauty in HD has the ability to require consultations for any new cliental and artwork.  

Beauty in HD can decline any procedure or client as deemed necessary. 


Payment is required at the time of the appointment - We accept all major credit cards, cash, venmo,  and paypal for your convenience.


Perfection appointments are required to be placed at the end of your initial appointment. This insures that the client has an appointment 6-8 weeks later as needed for longevity of the artwork.  If client does not show up for their perfection visit and reschedules for after the 8 week window, client is then subject to new client pricing.  Perfection visits are a very important part of your artwork and are required to obtain the longevity of PMU.

At this time our space in our salon is very limited.  We request that you contact us prior to bringing a guest with you if necessary.  Please no children for sanitary and focus requirements. 

Permanent Makeup is not recommended for the following

- Pregnant or nursing Mom's.

- Diabetic clients due to healing issues.

- Clients currently or recently receiving Chemotherapy.

- Clients with heart conditions.

- Certain skin irritations ie: sunburn (please ask if this is an issue).

- Please refrain from lash serums for 60 days prior to liner appointment.

- Please remove lash extensions prior to liner appointment.

- Clients who have received accutane with in the last year.

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