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PMU Healing Expectations


Day 1-2: Artwork will look perfectly placed. It’s common to have a little bit of oozing, swelling, and pin point bleeding.

Day 3-4: Artwork looks a tone or two darker. The skin around the artwork may be red, itchy, tight, or irritated. DO NOT scratch or rub the artwork.

Day 5-7: Artwork may begin to shed. DO NOT peel off shedding. This is when the art work is at its most vulnerable and is healing on the subsurface level.

-Microblading: shedding can happen in more of a flaky fashion and can look spotty until the artwork has finished shedding. 
-Powder Brows: shedding may peel off in more of a linear fashion. 
-Combo brow (blade & shade): shedding may be a combo of both blading and powder shedding. 
-Eyeliner: shedding happens most often in strips. It will appear as if the artwork has completely come off. 

Day 7-10: Artwork will look 65% lighter than your initial artwork. This does not mean that it did not retain. This is how the skin heals and accepts pigment. Permanent makeup heals from bottom up. For the next 4-6 weeks your artwork will begin to look more defined as the skin cells sheds and the artwork builds to the surface level. It’s common for artwork to have a “milky” shadow over it for a few weeks. This is common in the skins healing process.

Weeks 3-6: Artwork will continue to build to the surface level.

** Remember due to the pathology of skin it’s very common that most people will need a minimum of 2 procedures (possibly more) to obtain the definition and tone they desire. Everyone’s chemistry is different and therefore one person may need 2 appointments where another may need 3-4.


Although this type of art is called permanent makeup it is in fact not fully permanent. Most artwork will last approximately 24 months. Most people notice a very slow fading process and usually touch up 12-18 months to keep a good color retention long term.

Causes for Premature Fading

-Excessive sun exposure, especially early during healing and afterward
-Excessive oily skin
-Excessive sweating, early during healing
-Trauma to treated area - water pressure directly on artwork, soaking artwork, rubbing, scratching, pulling,      tugging - early during healing process.
-Iron deficiency
-Some Auto Immune diseases 
-Some antibiotics

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